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Peripheral Vision, a biannual competition print journal with corresponding digital content, commissions interpretive essays & interviews for mid-career & emerging American artists in conjunction with our prestigious Artist Publication Fellowship™ program. Peripheral Vision is a great resource for discovering critical practices operating at the artworld's periphery.

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Each volume of Peripheral Vision will feature:

  • Twenty accomplished American artists with 5-25+ years professional experience
  • 6 x 9 inch vertical paperback journal format
  • 160-200 pages of text and full color images
  • Essays, Interviews, Profiles, and Photo Essays

To inquire about distribution, contact Scott Gleeson at editor (at) peripheralvisionarts (dot) org.

Publication Fellows

Meet and connect with our distinguished Fellows on each artist's Profile page. Each profile includes an image gallery, statement, biography, website and social media links.  




Featured Articles

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 Not Yet Titled (NYT) is a print & digital art criticism journal covering the vanguard of contemporary American art by established artists, with content curated by invitation and through open submissions by distinguished scholars of modern and contemporary art. 

Maybe we'll give it a title, maybe we won't.

Elements: New American Abstraction

Paul Kremer

Paul Kremer

Thanks for your interest in our special essay series, Elements, covering the work of internationally renown American abstractionists with contributions by the foremost scholars of modern art working today.


Our first essay will focus on the formal element of Shape and feature art by established American artists. Subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on Instagram @peripheralvisionarts for a behind-the-scenes look at the writing process and our studio visits with the artists!