Peripheral Vision Press is an independent publisher of contemporary art criticism dedicated to the study of work by American artists at all career stages. Since our official launch in 2016, we have published or commissioned over 183,000 words of content for 144 artists and attracted 16,000+ subscribers across platforms.


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Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision, a biannual, competition print journal with corresponding digital content, commissions interpretive essays + interviews for mid-career + emerging artists in conjunction with our prestigious Publication Fellowship program. Peripheral Vision is a great resource for discovering critical practices operating at the artworld's periphery.

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Not Yet Titled (NYT)

Not Yet Titled (NYT) is a biannual print journal covering the vanguard of contemporary American art by established artists, with content curated by invitation and through open submissions by distinguished scholars of modern and contemporary art. 

Maybe we'll give it a title, maybe we won't.



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