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Our inaugural print issue, Peripheral Vision No. 8 is a contemporary art journal featuring the work of 20 visionary American artists and 20,000 words of content by leading critics. Each artist was awarded our prestigious Artist Publication Fellowship™, recognizing professional excellence and a significant contribution to the advancement of the visual arts.

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Welcome to Peripheral Vision Press!

Thanks for your interest in our publications. We are changing the way contemporary art criticism is being written in America by facilitating collaborations between visionary contemporary artists & critics.

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Our contemporary art criticism journals are available ad-free and without subscription. Future issues will be released in print with related digital content and artist profiles published on the website. 

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision, a biannual competition print journal with corresponding digital content, commissions interpretive essays & interviews for mid-career & emerging artists in conjunction with our prestigious Artist Publication Fellowship program. Peripheral Vision is a great resource for discovering critical practices operating at the artworld's periphery.

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Not Yet Titled (NYT)

Not Yet Titled (NYT) is a biannual print journal covering the vanguard of contemporary American art by established artists, with content curated by invitation and through open submissions by distinguished scholars of modern and contemporary art. 

Maybe we'll give it a title, maybe we won't.

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Peripheral Vision Press is an independent, artist-administered publication & curatorial platform dedicated to expanding dialogs about American contemporary art. We accomplish this mission by curating content through national calls for entry to our prestigious Artist Publication Fellowship™ program and through invitation to established artists making significant contributions to contemporary practice. By opening our contemporary art journals to visual artists in all disciplines and at all career stages, and by contracting with experienced scholars of modern and contemporary art, Peripheral Vision Press is able to provide content that reflects the diversity of art being produced in America today. Unlike blog criticism, we are free to focus on work that demands in-depth, academically rigorous art historical analysis regardless of production date or gallery affiliation. As a publication transitioning to print formats, we strive to capitalize on affordable new web-based printing technologies and offer readers collectible periodicals with a completely ad-free reading experience.

Our Artists represent the vanguard of contemporary art practice, emerging from top MFA and Artist-In-Residence programs and holding key faculty positions at major American colleges and universities. We embrace risk-takers and those working outside the bounds of commercial artmarkets forging new discourses and aesthetic vocabularies.

Our Critics include some of the most accomplished voices in American art historical discourse. All of our contributors hold terminal degrees from the finest graduate institutions in the world and serve on the faculty and staff of major American universities and museums. 

Our Critics


Peripheral Vision Press was launched in April 2016 by Texas artist, critic, and educator Scott Gleeson in response to artists' lack of access to substantive critical publications, to the proliferation of popular blogs limited in scope and format, and to the needs of artists whose work outstrips the critical vocabularies of many art writers. 

Peripheral Vision by the Numbers

Since our official launch, we have:

  • published or commissioned 83 catalog-style interpretive essays & interviews

  • Published Profiles for 150 artists

  • attracted 17,000+ subscribers across platforms

  • Earned a reputation for paying above-market, sustainable wages to our contributors

  • Awarded 63% of publication opportunities to female-identifying artists

  • Awarded 25% of publication opportunities to American artists born outside the US

A word from the Editor

While we specialize in the scholarship of traditional formats, such as painting, photography, sculpture, and installation, presently, we are observing a surge in feminist and queer craft practices, post-studio and intermedia arts, durational performance art, and experimental art forms intersecting with digital culture. By providing flexible publication formats, and by contracting with scholars fluent in a broad array of historical & theoretical discourses, we are able to contextualize each artist’s practice within the deep history of art while drawing upon the most current critical lexicons. Our hope is that each issue contribute to the scholarly corpus, providing an invaluable resource for artists, educators, and researchers.
— Scott Gleeson, Publisher | Editor


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