My work is both video and painting and can be housed primarily within a discourse of painting and its relationship to the body. Factors in my videos are the utilization of institutional spaces of art (galleries spaces, museums, and the art world in general) as a stage for interactions that aim to manipulate the social space around the artwork. I am interested in breaking down that which creates difference and distance between individuals and how acts of intimacy can break apart such systems.

I search for the explicit and questionable modes of expression to force intimacy amongst viewers and between my work and the viewer. Indecent sexual performances such as the lap dance, foot fetish, pole dance, striptease and porno are my chosen frame of reference for my video and collaborative work. I utilize their social condition as a tool. My video and performative work is always made in unison with paintings.

The paintings riff on the video works abstractly. As images they channel overlapping, precariously stacked blankets or quilts; they maneuver a formal space of absence, presence and tension. There is a coming together and intimacy in in the stacks. Colors mingle and stand against each other, surfaces contrast or merge together as representations of lost stored expressions throughout history.

These forms and the body in the videos hold a place that is negating a ground of blue. This is a direct color reference to the artist Yves Klein, who claimed a color as his own possession. My use of blue is not about his work but regards the blue as a representation of the patriarchal atmosphere of western society. I am interested in the freedom abstraction can offer just as I navigate the constraints and problems of using my own body in performative video.


Melissa Vogley Woods maintains a diverse multidisciplinary practice that crosses between painting, sculpture, video and performance. Although Vogley Woods explores boundaries between art disciplines, the work can be housed primarily within a discourse of painting and its relationship to the body. Vogley Woods has received two Ohio Art Council Individual Excellence Awards as well as numerous Greater Columbus Arts Council project grants. As an artist and artist-curator Vogley Woods’s projects and artwork have been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Recent notable solos exhibitions include work in “The Box” at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, The Denison Museum, Granville, Ohio and Raskolnikow Gallery in Dresden, Germany. Recent group exhibitions have occurred in Los Angeles, Guimri, Armenian Republic, Detroit, Santa Monica, New Hampshire, Milwaukee and Coburg. Tracers Feminist Exhibition and panel discussions and Rooms to Let I and II and III were Vogley Woods latest curatorial endeavors. Vogley Woods earned a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in painting and MFA from Ohio State University in Fine Arts and is a member of the MINT Collective.

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