Tra Bouscaren


My work happens at the intersection of sculpture and programed, multi-channel interactive video. I re-animate material artifacts of destruction, addiction, nostalgia, and waste as video-soaked spectacle. Orphaned objects and images form the material basis of my practice. I source my material from demolition sites, bar culture, archives, and the dump, re-mixing these found, material histories that I can never really know. As such, the mysteries of these histories are what my practice collaborates with, and speculates through.  In this way, I take the world itself as a projection of found object/images through which I must act and re-project. Incorporating demolition rebar, neon, lab equipment, trash cast in epoxy, and monumental hand-carved styrofoam sculpture, I program interactive video-mapped environments which envelop this material substrate in a video bath built out of live surveillance feeds taken from within the gallery itself. Projecting exhibition-goers onto the material work serves to implicate them both in the production of the waste before them, and in their own role as collaborators in the aesthetic judgement of the work.


Tra Bouscaren is a post-disciplinary installation artist and independent researcher based in California.

Trained in Philosophy and Art at Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania, he is finishing up a PhD in Media Study at SUNY Buffalo.  Rooted in the work of Rebentisch, Rancière, Bergson, Deleuze, and Latour, Bouscaren's research and written production is currently focused on questions of media ontology in the context of installation art.  

As an artist, his work has been featured nationally and internationally at venues including the Museum für Naturkunde of Berlin, Victor I Fils Gallery in Madrid, Centre Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Fort Mason Center for Art and Culture in San Francisco, Hallwalls in Buffalo, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, and New York’s Lincoln Center.  Bouscaren has been represented by N2 Gallery in Barcelona since 2008.