Spooky Boobs Collective

SBC,  You Have the Right to Remain a _____.  Participatory performance with associated archival documentation. Ongoing

SBC, You Have the Right to Remain a _____. Participatory performance with associated archival documentation. Ongoing


SPOOKY BOOBS COLLECTIVE uses art and design to visualize the trivialization of women’s experiences. Manifested through installations, interactive performances, social media campaigns, and printed material, SBC’s work halts the perpetuation of sexism in our culture. Our current work includes the series The Patterns’ Vicious Influence, which utilizes wallpaper as a conceptual vehicle to discuss the way language saturates our environment and imprints itself onto our psyches. The wallpaper patterns of this series are built using words that are used to diminish and minimize women; these words range from descriptors that disregard our ideas (bossy, crazy, over emotional) to names that attack our bodies and sexuality (cunt, pussy, slut).

While The Patterns’ Vicious Influence speaks to the constant and insidious presence of  misogynist language in our culture, our work You Have the Right to Remain a _____. visualizes the way hostile language is used to actively shame those not following patriarchal standards. For this interactive performance, we interrupt unsuspecting participants and place them under momentary arrest for various crimes against societal norms. The allegations we assign to our participants call out behaviors and attributes such as displays of confidence, independence, emotions, and other normal and even admirable qualities. After informing our participant the details of their charges, we take their mugshot-styled portrait and finish processing their paperwork. The arrest, and performance, ends with the statement “you have the right to remain (introverted/confident/stoic/not smiling),” validating and encouraging our right to behave as we want in spite of these insidious labels.

Situated within the history of women’s arts activism, we draw attention to prevalent language that continues to foster resentment and disrespect towards women, initiate community interaction to support the sharing of experiences, and instigate progress towards the eradication of misogynist language from our collective vocabulary.


SPOOKY BOOBS COLLECTIVE is a collaboration between artists Amy Cannestra, Myszka Lewis, and Maggie Snyder. Since SBC’s formation in 2014, they have mounted three solo exhibitions and have participated in many group exhibitions nationally. In 2016, SBC received a People’s Choice Award for their work included in the exhibition I Witness: Activist Art and Social Movement Politics at the Heuser Art Center Gallery in Peoria, Illinois, and a special recognition award presented by Michelle Nye of SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery for their work included in Vision: An Artist’s Perspective at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose, California. SBC have given visiting artist talks at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2018, SBC’s work will be included in the Wisconsin Artists Biennial at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, Wisconsin, and they will have their fourth solo exhibition at the Arts + Literature Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin.

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