Sara Fields

Sara Fields,  Primary Other no. 2 , photograph on rice paper being slowly erased by water

Sara Fields, Primary Other no. 2, photograph on rice paper being slowly erased by water


My photographic works explore questions of how we process difficult emotions, especially when dealing with past trauma or guilt. I utilize a reductive aesthetic and iconography to exhibit a sense of psychological despondence and render feelings of isolation. As an antidote to disordered thoughts and feelings, I often create fragmentary image grids in a polyptych format. Many of these images are part of an ongoing body of work that contemplates mental suffering and bereavement through the use of compartmentalization.

My most recent body of work investigates the contemporary understanding of memory and its new relationship to the malleable mind and the physicality of a photograph. Many of these photo-sculptural pieces exhibit the way the mind actually records, retains, and recollects memories and new ways photography can accurately portray the process of remembrance. Whether it is a small nuance or an extreme change that we fail to recognize, every memory is altered each time we reminisce. The things we once knew are increasingly diminished the more we recall or revisit a specific portion of our past. Within this body of work, each piece represents what we now know memory to be – fragments of time that are modified and eroded through each act of remembering.



Sara Fields is an artist and educator from Austin, Texas. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Sara is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at the Art Institute of San Antonio, as well as an Assistant to the Gallery Directors at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. Sara’s work primarily explores the emotional elements of grief, loss, and guilt, and their impact on the human psyche. Her most recent body of work, Previous Acts of Remembering, opens a dialogue about the contemporary understanding of memory and finding new ways the photographic medium can accurately depict how our brains construct, cultivate and redistribute memories.

Her work has been exhibited across the United States and she is currently represented by Photo Méthode Gallery. Sara has been a part of many exhibitions in Texas, Louisiana, Vermont, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, New York, Illinois, and Oregon. She has also been published in various journals and magazines, like Caustic Frolic at New York University in New York City, Musée Magazine, Photographer’s Forum, the Silver and Ink catalogue at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and the Tulane Review at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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