Phillip Scarpone

Calore Senza Corpo : Bodiless Heat  ,  steel, running heater, machined EPS, cast bronze, 6.5' x 8' x 8', 2017

Calore Senza Corpo : Bodiless Heatsteel, running heater, machined EPS, cast bronze, 6.5' x 8' x 8', 2017


My studio practice drifts through various processes and interrogations concerning the paradoxical power of objects, sensory experience, and the intersection between public and private spaces. Through artistic research, I explore historical architectural movements, machine culture, and writings on spatial phenomenology. This research informs projects often taking the form of installations, site-specific sculpture, immersive sensory environments, digital imagery and discrete sculpture. By filtering memory through the sieve of digital, virtual and physical fabrication processes I create a new poetics of space.



Phillip Scarpone received his MFA with distinction from The University of Georgia, Lamar Dodd School of Art, and his BFA from the University of Delaware. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in cities such as Washington, D.C., New York City, Brooklyn, Austin, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Richmond, St. Louis, Denver, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Taipei, Taiwan. He is a recipient of awards and honors including an NEA Established Professional Fellowship in Sculpture through the Delaware Division of the Arts, an Art at the Frontier Grant through Frank Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, a Philadelphia Department of Commerce Public Art Grant, Miami University Young Sculptors Competition Finalist, The Sculpture Center W2S 2019 Artist Award, and Dave Bown Projects 9th International Competition Finalist. His work has been reviewed by Philadelphia Weekly Newspaper, The Knight Foundation, The Philadelphia Artblog, and Seraphin Gallery Publications. Scarpone is represented by Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia; and in 2016 was curated into the White Columns Curated Artist Registry. Scarpone currently works and teaches sculpture courses at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Art and maintains studios in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.