Heather Sincavage

A Transfiguration of Longing

Seven-hour durational performance in which the artist raps a 10 ounce stone against a wall at a height of 64 inches. Waterloo Center for the Arts, October 14, 2016. Image Credit: Corbett Fogue

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Project Statement

A Transfiguration of Longing is a durational performance in which the artist raps a 10 ounce stone against a wall for seven hours. Mirroring the mass of the human heart, the stone slowly erodes the surface of the wall. With each rap signaling the passage of time, the rhythmic beating transitions from a simple sound of yearning into the destructive element of longing. A Transfiguration of Longing was performed on October 14, 2016 at the Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo, Iowa, as part of the Vertigo Performance Art series. During its presentation, the audience came and went from the exhibition space, sometimes leaving the artist to perform in solitude. The work was also streamed over Facebook Live in its entirety.

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Heather Sincavage is an interdisciplinary artist using drawing, sculpture, installation and performance as part of her studio practice. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally in many solo and group exhibitions. She was a fellow at Can Serrat International Art Center, El Bruc, Spain; Arteles Creative Center in Hameenkyro, Finland; Artix Creativo Espacio in Zaragoza, Spain; and Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. She has also attended the NES Artist Residency in Skagastrond, Iceland and the SIM Artist Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her work has been recognized with several grants from the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts.