Eloisa Guanlao

Eloisa Guanlao,  Noli Me Tangere , Installation and documentary film, 2017-present

Eloisa Guanlao, Noli Me Tangere, Installation and documentary film, 2017-present


As an artist and ecologically-minded humanist, I am interested in performing history and historiography through visual means, giving careful consideration to materials and their cultural associations. Concerns about the expansion of technology and unrestrained depletion of natural resources inform my art practice and historical inquiry. My methodology includes observing the impact of technological innovations on labor migrations, colonization, and socio-cultural development. My work traces institutional and symbolic systems arising as different factions scramble for control, and the ways these systems contribute to or disrupt community relations. I want to reveal the link between compassion and environmental justice, and identify who benefits and who suffers. In my current work, I create performative architectonic environments that invite public participation. Within these spaces, participants enact and reflect upon their role as cultural producers and consumers. I reconsider space as subjective sites to be reclaimed for socio-political interaction and creative engagement. My work proceeds from the premise that our cultural environment shapes our socio-economic and political histories, as well as our identities and attitudes toward the natural environment. My work advocates the (re)production of a culture and society in harmony with circadian cycles and natural, biological systems.

Noli Me Tangere is an integral part of a multifaceted, long-term project spanning four continents and five centuries of territorial expansion and human movement. The project relates the narratives of migrants and their often fraught encounters as they labor to construct their daily existence and shape the course of culture and history.


Eloisa Guanlao is a multi-disciplinary artist and attentive student of history. Guanlao was born in the Philippines and has resided in such diverse locales as Hawai’i, France, Minnesota, California, Virginia, Alabama, Maryland, and New Mexico. She earned an MFA from the University of New Mexico in 2007 and a BA from Carleton College in 2008. Guanlao has exhibited nationally and internationally as such venues as Western Illinois University Art Gallery, Macomb, Illinois; Earlville Opera House Gallery, Earlville, New York; Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California; 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida; Beeler Gallery, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio; Arc Gallery San Francisco, California; Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, California; Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, California; St. Louis Artists Guild, St. Louis, Missouri; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida; among many others. Guanlao lives and works in San Diego, California.

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