Crystal Gregory

Crystal Gregory,  Variation on a Theme , Handwoven lace and concrete, 6 x 4 feet, 2015

Crystal Gregory, Variation on a Theme, Handwoven lace and concrete, 6 x 4 feet, 2015


With a background as a weaver, I use lace structures as a conceptual foundation for my work. I define lace as a container of negative space and argue that the negative space is more important than the patterns or the thread itself. Lace becomes a barrier that allows for the separation from the other side, and adds a heightened attention to the things it cages. Lace can be understood as a screen, filter, and lens obstructing and abstracting the view into fractured parts. It creates a cadence between the effort it takes to make clear the image beyond and the awareness of the structure itself.

Through this new definition of lace as a container of absence, I arrive at my study of architectural space and the lines that divides the private from the public. Formally, the work takes shape through a vocabulary of building materials either paired with or mimicking handmade textiles. I find a wonderful tension between the industrial materials of the built landscape, such as glass, drywall, metal, and concrete and the structural patterns of cloth. By pairing these seemingly opposite worlds together, I invert material stereotypes, using the ‘delicate’ material to exhibit strength and support the weight of the concrete or suspend fragile glass geometries. These gestures allow for a reinterpretation of material identities and the viewer is left to confront their understanding of these everyday functional materials.



Crystal Gregory is a sculptor whose work investigates textile structure through a variety of materials. Gregory received her BFA from the University of Oregon and was granted a Full Merit Scholarship to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her MFA from the Fiber and Material Studies Department. In 2013 she was awarded highest honors with The Leonore Annenberg Fellowship for the Performing and Visual Arts. With this grant she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she took a role as Artist-In-Residence at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie of Art. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally including Devotion/Destruction: Craft Inheritance at Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Projects; The Art of Construction at The Hunterdon Art Museum; and Crossover at Black & White Project Space; and has been reviewed in publications such as Surface Design Journal and Art Critical. Gregory is the Assistant Professor in Fiber within the School of Arts and Visual Studies at the University of Kentucky. Gregory splits her time between Lexington, Kentucky and Brooklyn, New York, and currently shows with Tatyana Okshteyn at Black & White Gallery / Project Space in Brooklyn, as well as Momentum Gallery, North Carolina.

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