I want to make one simple thing — painting that wipes away all there ever was of painting and re-makes it anew, obliterating provincial ideas about painting by redefining the boundaries of the discipline in pragmatic terms, challenging my so-called open mind to see its hatred, hypocrisy and limiting views.

In my painting practice, I endeavor to integrate my visual and embodied experiences, responding to a collective visual culture which promotes disembodiment while continuing to subject the female body to the male gaze. This includes the increasing speed at which the female body is sexualized, compared, and evaluated in terms of formal beauty. These ideas find their way in the form of idiosyncratic cataloging of paint palettes, studio scraps and fashion magazines from air travel and home subscription. 

My work asks “Did the Modernist movement really exalt the body -- most certainly only white male bodies -- to the point that there is tension between machine and the human hand? And can the pairing of painting, female body, and machine be successful or does technology automatically negate the embodied experience, specifically that of the female body?”


The Guerrilla Girls said that the history of art is the history of power. I remember being in high school when my first art mentor told me not to bother entering a congressional art contest because they only ever gave awards to boys who drew baseball gloves. A scholarship from the Texas Arts and Crafts Foundation enabled me to attend Texas Woman’s University where I earned a BS in politics while continuing to study art. I don’t believe in the American dream; I see my art-making as a socio-political act.

I have studied under talented mentors, including John Pomara, Stephen Lapthisophon, Heyd Fontenot, Tom Motley and others. From 2013-2015, I was a grad-resident at CentralTrak: The University of Texas at Dallas Artist’s Residency. I completed my MFA in Art and Technology at UT Dallas. My work has been shown at Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, CentralTrak, The Dallas Contemporary, Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Richland College, UT Dallas, Academic Gallery in New York and many other galleries and exhibition spaces.