The search for something new, unique forms and compositions, in our everyday exterior environments are the subjects that are consistently sought after as the major contributors to my work. The main focuses of the pieces showcase the mundane within the landscape, for example, transformers, utility poles and wires, and how they interact with additional items within the composition. Taking something so utilitarian like that of a telephone pole with all of it’s components, on average would be, and usually is, looked upon as something that is less than visually desirable, yet when presented in a unique way it tends to make the viewer’s tune into not only in their everyday environments but also that of the world --- this gives an individual the capabilities to find beauty in the simplest of things. Another significant perspective with the paintings, in addition to the non traditional subject matter, are literal symbols that the lines and poles represent as the connectors of people, amenities, news, and information within our community, and the countless other locales within the state, the country and the world, as a whole. The archaic infrastructure that the items represent, at some point in the future, will be looked upon as relics of our past in a quickly developing wireless world that still yearns to be connected.

The following quote by Henry Miller speaks volumes when it comes to embodying the personal philosophy of what drives me to be an image maker: "What the painter sees he is duty-bound to share. Usually he makes us see and feel what ordinarily we ignore or are immune to. His manner of approaching the world tells us, in effect, that nothing is hideous, nothing is stale, flat and unpalatable unless it be our own power of vision.”

Curriculum Vitae

Columbus College of Art & Design; Columbus, OH
University of Akron; Myers School of Art; Akron, OH

• Brandt-Roberts Galleries; September 2016 - Show Title TBA; Columbus, OH
• Robert Lange Studios; Remnants, Charleston, SC (Curators: Megan Lange, Artist & Part owner of Robert Lange Studios)
• The Vendue; Silver vs. Gold; Charleston, SC; (Curators: Robert Lange and Megan Lange, Artists & Owners of Robert Lange Studios)
• Brandt-Roberts Galleries; Convergence: Christopher Burk & Jacci Delaney; Columbus, OH
• Schnormeier Gallery, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; Ohio Art League Spring Juried Exhibition, Mount Vernon, OH (Juror: Richard Petry, Professor & Director of Graduate Studies - Columbus College of Art & Design)
• Prince Street Gallery; The Seventh Annual National Juried Exhibition; New York, NY (Juror: Robert Berlind, Writer & Painter)
• Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery; The Urban Landscape: A Tale of Grandeur & Abandonment; Columbus, OH (Curator: Christine Fowler Shearer, Coordinator of Art Galleries and Lecturer of Art at Malone University)
• Brandt-Roberts Galleries; These are a Few of My Favorite Things; Columbus, OH
• Ohio History Center; Art for Life - Gala Event; Columbus, OH
• Tacocat Cooperative Gallery; Re-exposed Anniversary Exhibition; Grandview Heights, OH
• Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition; Columbus, OH (Juror: Dennis Harrington, Director, Weston Art Gallery & Juror: Deborah Maris Lader, Director, The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative)
• Carnegie Gallery; Ohio Art League Spring Juried Exhibition; Columbus, OH (Juror: Denny Griffith, President of Columbus College of Art & Design)
• Columbus Cultural Arts Center; Happy Together: A Wedding Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Tacocat Cooperative Gallery; The Art of Luston; Grandview Heights, OH (Curator: Brian Reaume, Artist)
• Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery; Ohio Art League Juried Fall Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Columbus Cultural Arts Center; You Call that Art? Exhibition; Columbus, OH (Principal Juror: Michael Goodson, Director of Exhibitions, CCAD)
• Tacocat Cooperative Gallery; Exposed; Grandview Heights, OH
• State Library of Ohio; Ohio Art League Spring Juried Exhibition; Columbus, OH (Juror: Christian Faur, Artist & Professor Denison University)
• Madlab Theatre and Gallery; Five from the Village; Columbus, OH
• Junctionview Studios; Agora X; Grandview Heights, OH
• Carnegie Gallery; Ohio Art League Spring Juried Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Cleveland West Arts League 78th Street Studios; Along 71 Traveling Exhibition; Cleveland, OH
• Junctionview Studios; Agora IX; Grandview Heights, OH
• Ohio Art League Gallery; Along 71 Traveling Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Columbus Museum of Art; Art for Life - Gala Event; Columbus, OH
• Columbus Cultural Arts Center; Ohio Art League Fall Juried Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• James A. Rhodes Office Tower; Columbus’ 200; Columbus, OH
• ROY G BIV Gallery; Small Works Annual Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Ohio Art League Gallery; Thumb Box Annual Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Viridian Gallery; Annual Juried Show; New York, NY
• Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition; Columbus, OH
• Cleveland State University Fine Arts Gallery; Cleveland, OH
• Artists of Rubber City; Akron, OH

• Merit Grant, Vermont Studio Center
• Artist in the Community Grant, Greater Columbus Arts Council
• Professional Development Grant, Greater Columbus Arts Council
• Individual Excellence Award, Ohio Arts Council
• Best Local Artist,
• Artist in the Community Grant, Greater Columbus Arts Council
• Best Local Artist,
• Finalist, Individual Artist Fellowship, Greater Columbus Arts Council
• Artist in the Community Grant, Greater Columbus Arts Council
• Tertiary Award, Ohio Arts League Spring Juried Exhibition
• Travel Grant, Myers School of Art, University of Akron
• First Place, Artists of Rubber City Exhibition

Brandt-Roberts Galleries, Columbus, OH
George Billis Gallery, New York, NY

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT (Upcoming September 2016)

Art Hamptons – George Bills Gallery, NYC

Fresh Paint Magazine, International Issue 9, October 2015 (Curated by Nicole Capozzi, Gallery Owner, Blackbox Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA)
Regensberger, Jeff, Review for the exhibition, “Convergence”, September 2015
Fresh Paint Magazine, Issue 5, October 2014
Tigges, Jesse, “Three Artists that Call Columbus Their Muse” Columbus Alive, June 2014
Tigges, Jesse, “Art Transplants” Columbus Alive, April 2014
Awad, Sarah, “Gallery Space” 614 Magazine, January 2014
Mantey, Jackie, “Technique Talk” Columbus Alive, July 2013
Studio Visit Catalog 2010, Volume 11 (Juried by curator Dina Deitsch, Director, Contemporary Art at DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA

Works are held in numerous private collections within the United States

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