Light and sound possess the unique quality of lacking mass and having volume. I see these moments of light and sound as a thought or a presence, bubbling up from the unconscious to be born into consciousness. Each is ephemeral, an entity that embody the space of the mind, housed within the body. I’ve always been fascinated by temporal materials and how the experience of them can be lasting across time. Dark spaces punctuated by light and sound events, they speak about the fragility and haphazard nature of time and communication. I develop vibrant coded systems wherein a handful of specific governing rules provide a plethora of complex output.

Technology provides the nervous system of the installation space. What I set in motion is a system in space, an autonomous organism. It is important for the viewer to be physically surrounded within these environments. In the darkness viewers become more aware of the presence of their bodies, which directly respond to the computational code that has acted as the filter of events, creating an environment that is constantly fluxing and changing.

I see electronic technology is a tool. Knowledge of how to use that tool allows me to dream up anything with the power to bring it into fruition, to make the impossible real. I have acquired the belief that I must make my work from the ground up. Experimentation and research are key. I create and write my own software, build custom circuits and felt. I am at the helm through the entire process, as this is a place where new possibilities for each project are constantly presenting themselves. It is at these points where the work grows and matures, and I feel that it’s essential to be in the driving seat for this process


Katherine Bennett’s practice explores the fragility of memory, networks and the impact of personal technology. She creates spaces and experiences to be physically explored, whether through movement, touch, presence or breath. Katherine earned her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in the Art & Technology Studies and Sound Departments. She has a BFA, with first honors in Sculpture from Wolverhampton University (UK) and a BA in Psychology from Ohio University. She has won grants from The Ohio Arts Council, the Puffin Foundation, The Illuminating and Engineering Society of North America, The Applied Research Labs and Faculty Enrichment Grants from the University of the Arts. Residencies include Jentel, Vermont Studio Center and Weir Farm. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Integrated Digital Media at New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, where she teaches physical computing, programming and interaction design.