I juxtapose traditional drawing and painting materials, building materials and post-production items, all with an interest in the friction between the remembered and the imagined, the actual and the assumed, the natural and the human environment. My work at its core derives from collections of natural and human-made objects that I find during walks in my local neighborhood, parks and reserves, and urban environments. These items often come pre-loaded with ideas and prejudices regarding their uses and meanings that I weave into my art works, along with stories and ideas I draw on from my own life. My works has been described as ‘post-minimalist pop’, which reflects my interest in the simplicity and power of iconic geometric forms that I contrast with the fragility of materials and fabrics from the everyday world. I install my work in imaginative compositional groupings that are part representational and part abstract or someplace in between, often combined with mediated video installation. This generates a sense of half-forgotten memory, at once beautiful and unnerving, that both draws the viewer in and challenges at the same time.


Alison Jardine is a British artist and author living and working in Dallas, TX, who works across a broad range of disciplines, including new media, sculpture and painting. She was selected as a featured artist in Dallas’s Aurora festival in both 2013 and 2015, where she presented her physically immersive digital video environments. Jardine was named a Finalist for the 2016 Hunting Art Prize. The artist's sculptural cement drawings were featured in New American Paintings, Issue 126, West edition. She is a Fellow of the Hambidge Center of Arts & Science, in Georgia, USA. In 2013 she founded the Dallas Arboretum Artist in Resident program.
Alison regularly writes and speaks about art, including at the Dallas Museum of Art as part of the State of the Arts panel discussions by KERA, discussing art and technology. Her forthcoming book, Make Great Art on the iPad, will be published in Europe and the US in summer, 2017 (Octopus Press, Hachette, London). Her work has been exhibited across the country including Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Connecticut and Georgia, and is represented in Dallas by Erin Cluley Gallery. She studied at the University of London (Bachelor of Arts), University of Texas at Dallas (ATEC), and the College of Visual Art & Design (CVAD) at University of North Texas (MFA, Painting and Drawing), and currently teaches drawing at the University of North Texas.

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