My reliefs and freestanding objects are artifacts of a contemplative process, intended to lead viewers to a shared experience of introspection. Investigating materials hard and soft, from paper to metal, my work emphasizes process and material exploration as analog to the evolution of consciousness through extended spiritual practice. My sculptures are intimate in size and scale, inviting close viewing and emphasizing the passage of time through their haptic qualities as well as repetition.

Having focused previously on cycles of birth, growth, death, and decay, my current “Visitors” series consists of spherical forms suggesting outsized pollen grains, microbes, diatoms, or fantastic intergalactic objects, each evoking “out-of-placeness” yet with a vague, odd sense of familiarity.


Although Kim Matthews has lived in the midwest since 1984, early experiences on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans are embedded in her work, with its limited palette, organic, tactile qualities, and frequent use of accretion. She has exhibited her work in nonprofit and commercial galleries and museums across the US and was the recipient of a Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grant in 2010. Her work is included in Lark Books’ 500 Paper Objects and will be published in Ashley Rooney’s Exploring Fiber Art series for Schiffer Publishing in 2016-17.

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